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High Quality Artificial Grass

We supply and high-quality Artificial Grass, with a large range to choose from.

You can have a luxurious looking lawn to your own private putting green.

We will have the grass to suit your needs.


Pet friendly: It is easy to clean and does not stain, meaning your pets can do their worst…this is tougher than real grass


Child friendly: Got a mini Ronaldo in the family? Let the kids play to their hearts content…they will be worn out long before the lawn


Family friendly: Spend more time enjoying your garden rather than wasting valuable time and energy on mowing, feeding and weeding. Sit back and enjoy your surroundings


Cost-effective: The short-term cost of installing artificial grass is outweighed by the long-term savings of having no more expensive year-round maintenance issues


We have a range of turf products to suit every situation, from a domestic lawn, to play area and even a high quality golf putting surface.

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